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I completely forgot about posting today until Brian mentioned it a few minutes ago.

So, planning for NaNoWriMo goes on apace, though it’s more like daydreaming than sitting down and writing. That’s how it goes, though.

Tonight, I’m hemming pants and watching Die Hard movies, while I daydream. :)


I’m finding that it’s really difficult to get up early for the planning stage of a novel. Sleeping til 6:30 the past couple of days feels great, though, so I think I’m just going to accept it and take the rest of October off from my morning writing – a vacation to store up energy for NaNoWriMo – and do my planning during the day instead.

Planning’s very different from the other stages of writing for me, since it’s pretty much a matter of daydreaming scenes that catch my interest and then asking questions and waiting for some sort of answer to pop up in my mind. Eventually, I’ll have enough bits and pieces that I can play a game of connect the dots and start filling in the details with draft 0.

The nice thing about planning is that I can do it while I’m doing other things, as long as I take note of ideas as they pop up. So my planning work at lunch is really just note-taking for the planning that’s been going on in the background all day.

All of which kind of boils down to me making excuses for sleeping late. ;-)


Well, this stage is done, anyway. :)

I’ve finished the rewrite of my spring novel, now titled Puppet Strings, and sent it out to friends for comments.

Now I have about a week to plan before the start of NaNoWriMo. :)

After I get comments back from a few people, I’ll need to plan out final revisions, do them, then another polishing pass.

I might see about paying for someone to copyedit it, and I’m definitely going to see about having someone else make up a good cover. Covers just aren’t where my strengths lie – I have ideas of what it could look like, but I’m not really able to get those images in my head onto paper. (or pixels, as the case happens to be)

Then, eventually, I’ll put it up for sale as an ebook, while I work on getting the next one up to snuff. :)

Happy Monday everyone. Here’s hoping our weeks go well!

Link: 4D Camera

Light Field Camera: Lytro The World’s First 4D Consumer Camera

Very, very cool, and I was expecting at least another zero on the end of the price point. Not shipping til early 2012, but there are interactive pictures you can play with both at the article and on the company website.

Dr. Who…

I’ve been a Dr. Who fan for as long as I can remember,

but of the “thrilled when it shows up on TV, bought a couple of DVDs” variety rather than a “watch everything, read everything, buy everything” sort.

So when I got season 4 of the new Dr. Who series on DVD and was so turned off by the first two episodes that I didn’t finish watching either of them, well, I kind of took a break.

I didn’t like Donna, based on her xmas special episode and that partial first episode as companion. I’d been distinctly non-thrilled by the end of season 3, and the over-abundance of Doctor as all-powerful godlike hero who everyone he meets instantly worships and depends upon instances that had built up in the last few episodes of that season.

Then, when they selected the new Doctor for season 5, I didn’t like the looks of him. He was too young, I didn’t like his face or his outfit, and the few blog posts that caught my eye seemed to indicate an escalation of the “all-powerful godlike hero” theme. Those posts also lambasted his companion Amy Pond for being overly passive and nothing more than someone to be rescued.

Well, I was wrong that I wouldn’t like it.

Season 5 is, to use one of the Doctor’s favorite words, brilliant, and so is Amy Pond. I even like her fiancee, Rory. Much better than Rose’s Mickey, for sure! (Though Mickey did get better after a while.)

It all started with Brian re-watching seasons 1-3. I joined in for a few of those episodes, when I was around. Then, since we had heard that Rose comes back for a couple of Donna’s season 4 episodes, we watched those. They were really, really good – good enough that I’m considering going back and trying out the rest of season 4. Well, except for that horrible first episode.

So that night, we were talking about it, and I admitted to how I maybe wasn’t giving the new Doctor (Matt Smith) a chance, and he might not be all that bad…

Well, it’s always a bit difficult to adjust to a new Doctor, especially after one that you really like.

So yesterday, Brian said “hey, let’s give the first episode of season 5 a try.” (since it’s all on Netflix.)

At a little after 2am this morning, we finished watching the *last* episode of season 5, so yeah, I think I have to say I liked it. :-D

I still don’t buy it when a character calls the current Doctor gorgeous, but I’ve definitely come to like his goofiness, and especially his fallibility.

And Amy really is brilliant – I don’t know where the comments I had read about her being passive and always waiting to be rescued came from, because she’s active and assertive and generally does what she wants to do rather than what she’s told, and often tries to do the rescuing and investigating herself. She’s also perfectly happy to talk back to the Doctor rather than being caught up in the over-the-top hero worship Martha had going.

Anyway, it was a good reminder that first reactions aren’t always accurate.

Sometimes, something you scorn with great vehemence could become something you quite like if you give it an honest chance. :)

© 2010 Catherine Wechsler, used with permission.

© 2010 Catherine Wechsler, used with permission.


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