I completely forgot about posting today until Brian mentioned it a few minutes ago. So, planning for NaNoWriMo goes on apace, though it’s more like daydreaming than sitting down and writing. That’s how it goes, though. Tonight, I’m hemming pants and watching Die Hard movies, while I daydream. Like this: Like Loading…


I’m finding that it’s really difficult to get up early for the planning stage of a novel. Sleeping til 6:30 the past couple of days feels great, though, so I think I’m just going to accept it and take the rest of October off from my morning writing – a vacation to store up energy […]


Well, this stage is done, anyway. I’ve finished the rewrite of my spring novel, now titled Puppet Strings, and sent it out to friends for comments. Now I have about a week to plan before the start of NaNoWriMo. After I get comments back from a few people, I’ll need to plan out final revisions, […]

Link: 4D Camera

Light Field Camera: Lytro The World’s First 4D Consumer Camera Very, very cool, and I was expecting at least another zero on the end of the price point. Not shipping til early 2012, but there are interactive pictures you can play with both at the article and on the company website. Like this: Like Loading…

Dr. Who…

I’ve been a Dr. Who fan for as long as I can remember, but of the “thrilled when it shows up on TV, bought a couple of DVDs” variety rather than a “watch everything, read everything, buy everything” sort. So when I got season 4 of the new Dr. Who series on DVD and was […]