Routine is the only way I can actually manage being reliable. I’m too easily distracted to remember appointments without writing them down, or remembering to post when I’m taking a few days off from writing in the morning. Of course, yesterday I got up at 6, showered, and went back to bed until 7, so […]

Failure can lead to success…

If you just keep trying, and also keep inquiring into why you failed and how you can do better at achieving your goals. I think I’m giving up on my NaNoWriMo attempt. The story hasn’t gone anywhere I meant for it to, my characters are experts at magically defusing conflict as soon as I introduce […]

Scintilla – Hunted

Anneka woke with a start from dreams of blood and terror to lie panting in the darkness, listening to the gentle sound of a child snoring. She tried to take comfort in the closeness of other living people, but the anxiety from her dream grew instead of fading. Suddenly the makeshift shelter seemed too small, […]

Shopping WIN!

First off, I did not go shopping yesterday, on Black Friday. I think doing so would have been mildly insane. I went out today to get a few things I’ve been needing, and was pleased to find the stores remarkably calm. I also got lucky with the clearance racks at Kohls, where I was intending […]

Anne McCaffrey

Anne McCaffrey, author of the Pern novels and several other series, is dead. I’ve been thinking for a few days that I should write something, maybe include links to some of my favorite books by her. Every time I go to start, I wind up writing about something else, though. * * * I’m not […]