Scintilla – Lost

Happy Thanksgiving! scintilla [sin-til-uh] (noun) 1. A spark; a flash; a trace amount. 2. A small piece of writing intended to inspire wonder, curiosity, or amusement. The kitchens of the Diamont Building were a frustrating maze of automated food-preppers, serving counters, and narrow, staff-clogged pathways in between. Vervain had finally given up on finding her […]

Excuses, excuses…

Sorry about the no post yesterday… I completely forgot… I might be fighting off a cold… I didn’t even work out, let alone post… It was a delayed reaction to the tire-related stressors of the day before… The cat needed to be flossed… I was feeling kind of zombific… No, actually I was set upon […]

Best. Investment. Ever.

At least for me. A couple of years ago, I trashed a tire and the other three were bald, and the dealership I go to was booked, so I went to Town Fair Tire on Rt. 6 in Bristol and got four new ones. And I sprung for the road hazard insurance, which covers repairs […]

Occupy Wall Street – One Woman’s Account

No, not mine – Laura Anne Gilman’s “… The estimates I heard, by 6pm, were over 20,000 people, while some estimates (backed by police scanner reports) said close to 30,000. People coming, and going, and talking, and listening to speeches, and sharing information, keeping each other warm (the rain had stopped, but the wind had […]