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Scintilla – Lost

Happy Thanksgiving! scintilla [sin-til-uh] (noun) 1. A spark; a flash; a trace amount. 2. A small piece of writing intended to inspire wonder, curiosity, or amusement. The kitchens of the Diamont Building were a frustrating maze of automated food-preppers, serving … Continue reading

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Excuses, excuses…

Sorry about the no post yesterday… I completely forgot… I might be fighting off a cold… I didn’t even work out, let alone post… It was a delayed reaction to the tire-related stressors of the day before… The cat needed … Continue reading

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Best. Investment. Ever.

At least for me. A couple of years ago, I trashed a tire and the other three were bald, and the dealership I go to was booked, so I went to Town Fair Tire on Rt. 6 in Bristol and … Continue reading

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Perhaps the greatest band that never was…


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Occupy Wall Street – One Woman’s Account

No, not mine – Laura Anne Gilman’s “… The estimates I heard, by 6pm, were over 20,000 people, while some estimates (backed by police scanner reports) said close to 30,000. People coming, and going, and talking, and listening to speeches, … Continue reading

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