Cleaning, and planning

Happy New Year! A little early, but I figure most people will read this tomorrow, so it works. We did a bit of clearing out today – going through our downstairs bookcases and weeding out the things we’re never going to read again (or for the first time, in the case of several books that […]

An object lesson in point of view:

***First Try*** “Look, Voan! It’s a gap! I wonder where it goes.” Iffith peered intently at a patch of air, but it looked just like any other to Voan. “It’s not the season for gaps,” he said. “You’re imagining things.” Iffith shot him a disbelieving glance before looking back at the same spot. “You can’t […]

Short Story: Home for the Holidays

Inspired by Chuck Wendig’s “Christmas in a strange place” challenge, although I’m too late to enter. I first read it as “Christmas is a strange place,” and it got me to thinking that even home can be strange, given the wrong circumstances. Happy Holidays to all of you, whichever ones you celebrate! Home for the […]