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Cleaning, and planning

Happy New Year! A little early, but I figure most people will read this tomorrow, so it works. We did a bit of clearing out today – going through our downstairs bookcases and weeding out the things we’re never going … Continue reading

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At least as strange as fiction…

The Incredible True Story of the Collar Bomb Heist Like this: Like Loading…

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An object lesson in point of view:

***First Try*** “Look, Voan! It’s a gap! I wonder where it goes.” Iffith peered intently at a patch of air, but it looked just like any other to Voan. “It’s not the season for gaps,” he said. “You’re imagining things.” … Continue reading

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Short Story: Home for the Holidays

Inspired by Chuck Wendig’s “Christmas in a strange place” challenge, although I’m too late to enter. I first read it as “Christmas is a strange place,” and it got me to thinking that even home can be strange, given the … Continue reading

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100 Artists

Too cool! Also: 100 Artists Rolled into One Man (Edit: The numbered, limited edition version of the biennial book is $1000, but I emailed to ask and Mr. Hembrey wrote back that if there is enough interest there could be … Continue reading

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