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(Yes, I’m still on hiatus, by which I mean I’m not trying to stick to any particular posting schedule. There may or may not be more posts before spring.)

So, I’ve decided to write a romance. I’ve read a couple recently that were ridiculous, and fun, and sexy, and I noticed that there really is a pretty visible story structure to them, one that might work for me.

So I’m giving it a try. :)

I’ve been wanting to expand on my Frog Prince story for a while, and it seems perfect for this genre, so why not, aside from a ton of cultural baggage about romances being somehow either shameful, a sell-out, or too easy to be real writing. Well, I’m calling bullshit on my preconceived notions, even if they do keep trying to rear their ugly heads!

So far:
I’m having fun. (one of the most important parts)
I’ve got an outline that I’ve already veered away from – but in detail rather than structure.
It is easier than the other novels I’ve tried, I think because I know how it ends, what the focal theme is, and some of the beats that need to happen in between.
I’ve written my first sex scene. (blush)
I’ve restarted about three times, and had to tink back (to use a knitting analogy) anywhere between a paragraph and a scene about five or six times, in the first ten scenes. Not too bad, for me!

The one thing I’m finding most useful about having the romance pattern to follow, is that I realize it quicker when I’ve gone wrong – usually by making things too easy on my characters! What can I say, I like them. :)

Anyway, that’s what I’m up to right now. Wish me luck!

Happy belated Christmas and Solstice to everyone, and may we all have a Happy New Year celebration and a great time in 2014!


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  • Sarah says:

    I love romance books! I have found some through Felicia Day’s Vaginal Fantasy book club, others I just take a chance on. I wouldn’t say they typically make me stop and contemplate things I wouldn’t have brooded on if I hadn’t read them. I do enjoy them though and find them a welcome change from some of the other genre’s I enjoy.

    • Anthea says:

      I think the one that got me started was “A Kiss Before Midnight,” by Eloisa James, but after starting to recognize the pattern of the plots, I realize that a lot of the fantasy and science fiction I enjoy could easily be categorized as romance too.

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© 2010 Catherine Wechsler, used with permission.


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