(Don’t) Write Every Day…

Something isn’t working… Why do I write? Well, because it’s fun. It’s also a skill I would like to parlay into a viable income stream at some point, but mainly because it’s an activity that I find enjoyable. So if I’m not having fun, it probably means I’m doing something wrong! “Write every day.” When […]

Writing Styles…

Happy Halloween! Also, happy NaNoWriMo eve! In less than six hours, the month-long novel-writing extravaganza begins, and I’m going to join in again. Being on the cusp of this endeavor has me thinking about how to approach the challenge, so here are a few thoughts on writing styles. Plotting? Many discussions of writing style divide […]

Slow Cooker Chicken Paprikash

I wasn’t sure until I added the noodles, but I think the slow cooker chicken paprikash is a success! (Last time, not so much – I put the noodles in at the beginning and they dissolved within about 40 minutes, turning it into a pudding-like mixture that, while tasty, was not the intended result!) Notes: […]

Slow Cooker Curry

I’ve posted this one on Facebook before, but by adding it to the blog, now there’s a permalink for when more friends ask for the recipe! This is my favorite curry recipe, and you can easily change it up by using a different curry powder, different nuts, or adding raisins. For some reason, raisins and […]

Slow cooker chili recipes

I’ve been promising Florian for weeks that I would post up some slow cooker recipes, and then not getting around to it. Maybe if I break it up a bit instead of planning one big post, it’ll work out better! Here are my two favorite slow cooker chili recipes. I calculated out the macronutrients using […]