What I’m Reading Lately…

First the updates, though – I’ll get to the books in the links. The Crossfit competition this weekend was great! (I was cheering, Kerigan and lots of other friends were competing.) We had a gorgeous sunny day, and a really nice crowed showed up, both to compete and to support the competitors. I’m really proud […]

Happy Wednesday?

I have no idea what to title posts sometimes… Crossfit was good. I’m finally starting to go the whole week without giving my knees any nasty tweaks. Now I’ve just got to keep that up. Writing was good, even if I only had a half hour for it today. Still, a half hour is a […]

Didn’t I just do this?

Boy, posting two days in a row… not sure what I’m going to do with myself. Today was a good writing day, which is a nice change. This weekend was not a good writing weekend. I did write, but… Some days, I feel confident and happy with my writing. Even first draft crap doesn’t phase […]

Not a post-workout post…

I might have to re-evaluate this posting plan… We’ll see. I know I go in phases with posting here, where sometimes it just doesn’t make it far enough up the priority list to actually happen. I’ve had an off week or two, so maybe it’ll go better for a bit. Anyway, here’s a scintilla, and […]