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I agree with Garfield…

I agree with Garfield about Mondays… but hopefully you’ll enjoy this snippet from “Corpse Pose” one of the short stories in Refuge, Tales from a Zombie Apocalypse.


Jill slowed, looking around in all directions and positioning herself carefully between the horde and the most direct path to the Institute. “I’d better see,” she muttered under her breath. “Because if I don’t, there’s no way they’re ever getting me to do this again.”

She edged into normal, physical view of the horde and whirled the noisemaker, making a show of looking at it while she watched the horde out of the corner of her eye. Their aura turned a darker, angrier red and a chorus of moans rose up as they started towards her at a slow shamble. She looked up, let out a scream that was only partly faked, and took off down the road.

Zombies were slow but implacable. She probably could have just sprinted the whole way back to the Institute and still brought them in, but Dr. Harding had warned her not to risk losing them. Every few minutes, she paused, looked around to gauge their progress and make sure no strays were flanking her, then made a show of “hiding” and catching her breath. As soon as they got close again, she would break away, running down the middle of the street in plain view.



I didn’t work out Saturday… or today. Today, I’m having tummy issues, and decided that not vomiting at the gym was probably the better part of valor… I’m kind of bummed about it, though, because today’s workout looked like fun. Ah, well.

Writing-wise, it’s going slowly, but I did discover that with a new beginning, I could use a lot of what I wrote during my week off in the new Ice story, so that was nice. It’s still going to take a fair bit of massaging to fit the new narrative, but that’s part of the fun. :)


Fun Links

Graffiti, without the walls!

A garden-covered hotel - wouldn’t that be a nice place to stay?

Seven abandoned wonders of architecture…

Magic? Plus progress (or not) and links.

“What were we running from?” she tried again.

The man turned and faced her, though his eyes darted all around, from her to the swamp, to her, to another part of the swamp. “Never seen anything like that before,” he said. “Just diving into a sucker nest and then coming out again, all safe and sound. You got some magic?”

She took a step back to open the distance between them. “No magic,” she said, sinking all the firmness she could muster into those two words.

His eyes widened as she moved, and he shuffled to the side and back, hands up as if to ward off a blow. “No, no! Of course not. And I won’t tell anyone. Promise!”


Writing Progress

Not much to report today, alas. I’ve written a couple of sentences on my main project, and wrote down a dream that might have the potential to inspire a story at some point, but haven’t made as much progress as I’d like. I miss spending all day writing!

Here’s hoping the weekend will see some time for it. :)


Today’s Workout

Today wound up being a rest day… yesterday, I was still very sore and worn out from Wednesday’s workout, and my left knee and foot were feeling very off, so I told myself I should take today off to recover a bit more. Today, I’m feeling a bit better, but decided it was still a good idea.

There’s a team workout tomorrow, though, followed by a cookout, so hopefully I’ll get some exercise in this weekend. :)


Fun Links

Galleon by Scott Weaver

A sheep-eating plant? Looking elsewhere online seems to indicate that’s a bit hyperbolic, but I may have to use it in a story some time anyway.

Incredible toothpick sculptures by Scott Weaver.

And a cute, new-to-me webcomic about a girl and her raccoon:
Sandra and Woo!


A terrifyingly familiar snarl snapped Jade out of her reverie, and focused her attention on the creature standing ahead of her. Its formidable teeth were bared, and it stood over the body of a forest pig, its posture shouting ‘My prey! Keep away!’

Jade caught her breath, raising her walking stick as a paltry shield between herself and the Ice badger. It wanted her to keep away, and she wanted to keep away, to let it stay focused on the kill in hand and leave her alone. What was it doing this deep in the forest?


What’s up…

Hope you liked the little scintilla. :)

It’s from something I’m working on now, the sequel to On Ice and Bones of Ice, but I’m not sure if this bit will make it into the finished story.

Anyway, after a long, unplanned mostly-hiatus, I’ve decided it’s time to reboot this blog. Not with a new story challenge, or a return to the daily scintilla, but with a regular posting schedule and standard post format. That way, I know what sort of stuff to write, and you know what to expect, and if I post extra outside of the plan, that’s just gravy.

Currently, I’m trying to spend as much time as possible writing fiction, but I’m also trying to go to Crossfit in the evening on MWF, which means I’m too fried to write much after. Yesterday, I realized that means that after Crossfit is the perfect time to fit in writing up a blog post!

So, my format’s going to be:

  • Scintilla
  • Writing progress and updates
  • Today’s workout
  • Fun links
  • Hopefully it’ll be entertaining. :)

    In terms of writing progress, it’s been an interesting couple of weeks. I had an unplanned week off from work last week, and decided to pretend that I was a full time fiction writer, partly to see if I still liked it when I was doing it several hours a day, partly to get lots of writing done. It was successful on both counts, though what I wrote wasn’t quite as usable as I hoped – very little of it seems suited to the final story, but it’s all useful for me to know, so it’s not wasted.

    I’m also working on a novel tentatively titled “Mire Bride,” but that’s all I can tell you about it right now. Mustn’t dissipate the energy too much!


    Today’s workout…

    Today’s workout was HARD… mainly because I really, really suck at running. I scale to half the distance the rest of the class goes, and generally finish each run about the same time. In theory, if I keep at it I’ll get better.

    You can see the Rx Workout of the Day (WOD) here: http://www.yankeecrossfit.com/2013/06/wednesday-619/
    As mentioned, I scaled the runs to 200 meters. For the snatches, I started at 25 lbs, but had to drop back to 15 lbs on round 4 because my knee tweaked a warning – it’s been very iffy lately, so I’m trying to be careful. Then for the power cleans and push jerks, I did 35 lbs.

    After, Kerigan and I were both totally wiped, to the point that just standing up, my muscles shake a little. Neither of us wanted to cook, so we went to Five Guys for supper. Naughty, but quick, and oh so satisfying…


    Fun links!

    Shouting “Yoohoo!” to the universe…
    Seems kind of cool, but noted futurist and science fiction author David Brin seems very cranky about it.

    Ultrarope could make kilometer-high elevators possible
    Very cool technological advance – but do I really want to ride an elevator a kilometer up???

    3D Printing powered by thought
    Not, alas, printing the images as you think them, but using a neural interface to let you choose from menu options is still pretty neat.

    That’s it for now. Happy trails!


    I’m working on a story that takes place in the late fall, with a strong focus on the coming winter.

    I keep being surprised whenever I take a break, and realize that in the real world it’s currently summer! :-D

    Wanna read a story?

    I’ve just finished a new draft of Bones of Ice, and I was wondering if anyone might be available and interested in reading it through in the next week or so?

    For those unfamiliar with this project, it’s a science fiction novelette of about 12,000 words following a surveyor stranded on an uninhabited planet.

    If you’re interested, comment here at the blog or email me: info @ antheastrezze.com. (or any of my other addresses)


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    © 2010 Catherine Wechsler, used with permission.


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