I agree with Garfield…

I agree with Garfield about Mondays… but hopefully you’ll enjoy this snippet from “Corpse Pose” one of the short stories in Refuge, Tales from a Zombie Apocalypse. *** Jill slowed, looking around in all directions and positioning herself carefully between the horde and the most direct path to the Institute. “I’d better see,” she muttered […]

Magic? Plus progress (or not) and links.

“What were we running from?” she tried again. The man turned and faced her, though his eyes darted all around, from her to the swamp, to her, to another part of the swamp. “Never seen anything like that before,” he said. “Just diving into a sucker nest and then coming out again, all safe and […]


A terrifyingly familiar snarl snapped Jade out of her reverie, and focused her attention on the creature standing ahead of her. Its formidable teeth were bared, and it stood over the body of a forest pig, its posture shouting ‘My prey! Keep away!’ Jade caught her breath, raising her walking stick as a paltry shield […]


I’m working on a story that takes place in the late fall, with a strong focus on the coming winter. I keep being surprised whenever I take a break, and realize that in the real world it’s currently summer! 😀 Like this: Like Loading…

Wanna read a story?

I’ve just finished a new draft of Bones of Ice, and I was wondering if anyone might be available and interested in reading it through in the next week or so? For those unfamiliar with this project, it’s a science fiction novelette of about 12,000 words following a surveyor stranded on an uninhabited planet. If […]