Happy. :)

We just got home from a late holiday party for our Crossfit box, and it was too much fun. I haven’t been to class since before Thanksgiving, so it was great to see everyone. It was nice how easy it was to talk to folks. It was unanimous that red is a good color for […]

Herding Bunny, Reciprocating Saw

I was going to post about the reciprocating saw that we just bought, but then I checked Google+ and a friend of a friend had posted this: What a bunny! Moving on… This is our very first reciprocating saw (AKA Sawzall, but that’s a brand name, like calling tissues Kleenex.) Why, you may ask, am […]


Last week was vacation week for me. The best part? Well, there were lots of good parts, but right now, as I struggle to function and get to work on time, I most miss staying up til I’m tired and then sleeping til I’m ready to get up! Now, I’m back to the familiar refrain […]

Crossfit, resumes, and grumblesparks

No writing yesterday, which is not surprising. We went to Crossfit, which was interesting since Brian and I were the only ones there for the 6:30 class. Essentially, we got a private session. It was really cool to get the chance to chat more than usual with our coach, and to have lots of attention […]

Wow… 3 weeks since I last posted…

And roughly the same since I last wrote, more disturbingly! There were reasons – fatigue from a virus, then bronchitis, then as soon as I was over that Brian and I started going to Crossfit (Yankee Crossfit, specifically), and I was exhausted from that… (And hmm… they have a recipe for Chicken Paprikash posted today […]