Happy. :)

We just got home from a late holiday party for our Crossfit box, and it was too much fun. :-) I haven’t been to class since before Thanksgiving, so it was great to see everyone.

It was nice how easy it was to talk to folks. It was unanimous that red is a good color for my hair, and half of them were drunken compliments, so you know they were honest. ;-)

The Yankee swap was too, too funny to watch – from the chicken that was opened first (really, a package of chicken breasts from the grocery store), to the headband-with-Mullet that our trainer wound up wearing, to a bag of ten individually wrapped presents from the dollar store, to a gift-pack combo of a dildo and a “go girl” for women to pee standing up.

The dildo was perhaps the most stolen item (followed closely by the chicken), with much hilarity ensuing. No pictures, I’m afraid, mainly because I was laughing too hard. :-D

Good times. Good people.
I can’t wait to get back to class. :-)

Herding Bunny, Reciprocating Saw

I was going to post about the reciprocating saw that we just bought, but then I checked Google+ and a friend of a friend had posted this:

What a bunny!

Moving on… This is our very first reciprocating saw (AKA Sawzall, but that’s a brand name, like calling tissues Kleenex.)

Reciprocating Saw

Why, you may ask, am I buying a reciprocating saw? Why, to demolish our porch with, of course!

In the middle of winter…

With 4 inches of WET snow on the ground… (and the porch)

See, when we bought the house there was an above ground pool, and because of it our back porch has a regular 2-3 foot high portion and then a higher, 4-5 foot portion that was flush with the top of the pool. Well, we got rid of the pool, so now we have a porch with an un-railed 4-5 foot drop to the ground.

And we’re trying to refinance to take advantage of lower rates, but found out Monday that the appraiser won’t sign off on the house’s condition unless we either rail the porch or take it down.

And deconstruction seems easier than construction in this case, so…

Updates to come, weather allowing!


Last week was vacation week for me.

The best part?

Well, there were lots of good parts, but right now, as I struggle to function and get to work on time, I most miss staying up til I’m tired and then sleeping til I’m ready to get up!

Now, I’m back to the familiar refrain of: I should’ve gone to bed earlier…

Happy Monday, everyone! Here’s hoping for a good week for all of us!

Crossfit, resumes, and grumblesparks

No writing yesterday, which is not surprising. We went to Crossfit, which was interesting since Brian and I were the only ones there for the 6:30 class. Essentially, we got a private session. :) It was really cool to get the chance to chat more than usual with our coach, and to have lots of attention on our form and stuff.

I also hit a personal record, of bench pressing 80 lbs!

After Crossfit, we got burgers in the grass from Plan B, because neither of us felt energetic enough to cook – it was Brian’s fourth workout of the week (and he went for a bike ride today too, yay!) and my third, so we were both pretty tired.

Then after supper, we went out to see friends and play Cards Against Humanity, which lived up to expectations beautifully. I still want to know where “flying sex snakes” came from, though…


Today, like most Saturdays these days, was mostly a rest day, but I did get a fair bit done. I went shopping and got three pairs of workout pants, two shirts, and two dresses for just under $40. Yay, Savers and TJ Maxx!

I also finished up a rewrite of a friend’s resume and cover letter, as I often do. One of my other friends has been telling me for over a year that I should start charging for it, as in put up an ad on Craigslist or a business website or something, and earlier this week when I first opened up friend 1’s resume and started shuffling it mentally into shape, I felt… really happy.

I realized that I really enjoy rewriting resumes and cover letters, especially to fit a specific job listing. It’s like a sliding block puzzle, except you have the option of transforming the blocks as you switch them around. And you can delete and add blocks as needed. Plus, I’ve been developing this skill in a focused way for about… not sure exactly, but close to ten years now.

So today, after friend 1 called up to say she’d read the new version and loved it, (Yay!) I posted an ad on Craigslist to put out my shingle in the simplest, lowest pressure way possible. :)

If it works out well, and/or I have extra energy to put into it, I may come up with a business name and a website, and maybe start writing a blog about resume and cover letter strategies, which can later be gathered into an ebook along with extra content and templates and questionnaires… But I’m getting ahead of myself. First, we’ll see if anyone responds to the Craigslist ad. :)

And last but DEFINITELY not least, I wrote another 746 words on the sky-krill story!

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Wow… 3 weeks since I last posted…

And roughly the same since I last wrote, more disturbingly!

There were reasons – fatigue from a virus, then bronchitis, then as soon as I was over that Brian and I started going to Crossfit (Yankee Crossfit, specifically), and I was exhausted from that…

(And hmm… they have a recipe for Chicken Paprikash posted today that I might need to look at more closely.)

Anyway… writing. Today, I did some more work on Refuge: Tales from a Zombie Apocalypse, fixing a couple of problems that my awesome beta readers pointed out, and a couple more that I noticed in my re-read. It’s always interesting to read something I’ve written after a long enough break that it’s not all in the forefront of my mind already. Easier to actually read what’s on the page than what’s in my head that way, for sure.

So I think the draft is done, and even better – I really like it! Next up: look up how the formatting for Smashwords and Kindle need to be done and get to work on that. Hopefully I’ll be able to get that done this week – if not, I guess next weekend… we’ll see. :) In any case, it’ll be done soon, where “soon” is a value somewhere between tomorrow and a month from tomorrow. :-p

© 2010 Catherine Wechsler, used with permission.

© 2010 Catherine Wechsler, used with permission.


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